Friday, September 8, 2017

Making Cookies...

So, I fully understand that some of you nuts out there think these cookies taste like silly putty mixed with playdough. I also stand by the assertion that if you think this, you are nuts.

These are the quintessential store-bougbt Halloween cookies. They are simple, festive, and delicious. I look forward to them every year.

What's not to love about perfect pegs of dough painted with pumpkins?

Just plop the dough onto your cookie sheet and while you wait for them to plump and brown, you can cut out the mask on the back and scare your dogs with it.

These things were made for Halloween. They are insanely addictive. You can't help but eat the entire batch.

And you'd better. Because if they sit for longer than one night, you could use them for hockey - which isn't really a Halloween sport unless you're Canadian.

Anyway, come on over. I'll pour some milk or apple cider and we can sit on the back porch and chow down. 

I'll keep 'em warm and fresh for you.

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